Saturday, October 20, 2012

Show The World A Bit Differently

OR - fun with a WA lens.

Here's a fun project (I hope you'll find it fun) that should illustrate how to make some interesting images using your wide angle lens.

Use the widest lens you have - 24mm will do, something even shorter you may find even more interesting.  (The images below are a few snaps made behind my house this morning with a 17mm lens.)

Turn off the automatic focus if your camera has AF.  Set the lens at it's widest aperture.  Set the focus at the closest focus point on the lens.

Take a walk and make some images - do it by focusing ONLY by moving the camera until the nearest object in the field of view is sharp.

Lemme know if you had fun, and got any new ideas.

Here are my images for today:

BTWay, these images have had no manipulation, other than opening as single-image hdr and overall sharpening./

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