Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Colour Is Starting In The East

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Within the past couple of days the fall colour in Eastern Canada is suddenly here.

This is what it can look like where I live in Eastern Ontario - sometimes you get really, really lucky and have an early snowfall as well.  

I'm sure the colour is coming on everywhere in the east right now.  Algonquin Park, Quebec's Eastern Townships, Vermont's Mountains, Maine, New Hampshire (think Dixville Notch and the Androscoggin Valley!) and many other locations.

In the high country the colour will likely peak in a week or so and hold for perhaps a couple of more weeks, although likely not quite that long.

Time to get out there and shoot. 
Don't forget a polarizing filter.   And your tripod.

I'll be setting my alarm for about 0dark30, cause I only have to walk down my driveway for some great scenery.  Like the view from my window above.

The first rays of the sun can do great things for the fall colour.  Also a rainy day (think close-ups).

I'll be posting my 2012 fall images here soon.


  1. Just spoke with my friend Mary-Lou Turner at Turner's Camp, Killaloe, ON, right next to Algonquin Park. She says the colour up there is "georgeous" right now.

    We're going up for a week at Cdn Thanksgiving for grouse and woodcock.

  2. Great entry John and so true! Always An Adventure is having a photo day where we will be capturing Fall Colors (and wildlife) at the Gatineau Escarpment on October 3. I truest we will get many nice shots!